So far successfully repaired defects

  • Drive errors and CD / DVD read errors in the navigation system
  • The CD / DVD is no longer read
  • The CD / DVD can not be inserted anymore.
  • The insertion and ejection of the CD / DVD stops working
  • Display error in the Navidisplay Navigation display
  • Defective Control knobs are defective
  • The confirmation button does not work properly anymore
  • The GPS reception is disturbed, no satellite reception
  • Navi complete failure
  • No operation possible.

Maserati car radio and navigation repair

We help you with problems with your Maserati navigation system. Errors such as defective display, read error, drive error or even global failure of the device have been corrected very often successfully. This at very reasonable prices, because we have the know how and the technical equipment to detect and eliminate errors in the electronics.